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This website provides information about various lawsuits that have been filed against ConocoPhillips, its subsidiaries, or affiliates. The purpose of this site is to educate the public about allegations that employees of these companies are making. All statements made in these lawsuits are mere allegations of the employees until they are proven in court. This website is maintained by the Law Offices of Michael Tracy.
ConocoPhillips is sued for religious discrimination by the EEOC. Settles case with consent decree. ConocoPhillips is sued for unpaid overtime in Texas. Promptly enters into confidential settlement. ConocoPhillips looses in arbitration - again. Appeals to court - again, saying employees should be disciplined for being on short term disability. ConocoPhillips' and their insurnace company sued for improperly denying benefits. Pay $100,000 to settle.
ConocoPhillips likes arbitration -- unless they lose, then they sue in court to overturn the arbitration award. ConocoPhillips employee says he complained about saftey violations and unpaid overtime, was wrongfully terminated. ConocoPhillips is sued for not providing meal breaks to some of its California employees. More to come...

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This website only provides general information about publicly filed lawsuits and is not meant to be legal advice and does not serve to establish an attorney-client relationship. Any statements, on this page or elsewhere, are not guarantees of any outcome. Michael Tracy is a licensed attorney only in California. Law Offices of Michael Tracy, 2030 Main St. STE 1300, Irvine,CA 1-866-GOTOVERTIME